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Urban Electric Bike Uses ‘Light’ Motor for Exercise Without Sacrificing Physical Activity

The new Riese & Müller Culture is crafted around a meticulously designed aluminum frame that hosts the innovative Bosch Performance Line SX motor, offering two power supply options.

The new Riese & Müller Culture employs a ‘light’ concept motor for urban cycling, a feature that might seem novel at first glance. However, this configuration makes more sense than one might initially think.

The Culture is an electric bicycle designed for city life that opts for a motor unit slightly different from what we’re accustomed to in this domain: the Bosch Performance Line SX motor (55 Nm of torque) is the German manufacturer’s creation aimed at what has been termed ‘light’ cycling, offering slightly lower performance than full-power motors.

The purpose of these motor units is to encourage cycling that closely resembles riding without a motor, as the power assistance is more subtle and generated based on the cadence of the rider’s pedaling, thereby rewarding human effort. Although these types of motors seem to be designated for other modalities, they could appeal to urban cyclists who wish to exercise in addition to navigating the city.

Focusing on the motor, the use of a 400 Wh battery is noteworthy: Bosch’s CompactTube is provided as standard, with the option to extend the range through a 250 Wh Range Extender from the brand (+508.90 €), featuring a bag for discreet storage – a unique touch of exclusivity rarely (if ever) seen in other brands.

On the handlebar (which is elevated and curved for a comfortable riding posture), there’s a small LED Remote system for selecting driving modes. In the center, above the steering tube, there’s a space to mount a smartphone for controlling various parameters and Riese & Müller services via the brand’s RX Chip App (free for the first year). Optionally, a digital display can be installed to view extensive information: the optional Bosch Purion 200 (+71.90 €).

The frame is made of aluminum (with 50% recycled materials) and comes in two options: the Culture, with a high bar frame (boasting an impressive aesthetic), and the Culture Mixte, which opts for a mid-bar frame. The chosen colors are warm (pastel tones), exuding elegance and class in a bicycle meant to shine on city streets.

The chosen transmissions vary depending on the selected finish, with the basic model featuring a Shimano CUES (10-speed), and options for hub transmissions with a Gates Carbon CDX belt drive (maintenance-free), such as the Shimano Nexus (8-speed) or the exclusive Enviolo 380 (with progressive shifting).

The Riese & Müller Culture comes standard with various accessories essential for city commuting today, like integrated mudguards and a lighting set. Optionally, the equipment can be enhanced with recommended components like a 63 mm travel Suntour NCX suspension fork (+101.90 €), a Trelock lock (+50.90 €), or a sturdy MIK rear carrier (+81.90 €). The starting price for the new Riese & Müller Culture is €4,069.