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Search Underway: Kentucky Board of Education Endorses Job Posting for Education Commissioner Position

During a special meeting, the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) greenlit the criteria and job description for the forthcoming education commissioner search. This decision followed an agreement with McPherson and Jacobson LLC, the firm tasked with spearheading the commissioner hunt, which was ratified during the KBE’s regular meeting on Dec. 7.

KBE Chair Sharon Porter Robinson emphasized the significance of sharing feedback and data from various education stakeholder groups with the firm. This input aimed to provide valuable insights guiding the search process and reflecting the essence of educational needs as perceived by these stakeholders.

The sought-after qualifications for the new commissioner encompass a comprehensive understanding of Kentucky’s public school system and the broader educational landscape within the state. Additionally, the candidate should demonstrate successful experience as an education-focused leader, equipped to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities prevalent in Kentucky’s educational realm.

The ideal candidate profile also emphasizes a profound grasp of learning theory, curriculum development, and instructional strategies. Strong leadership acumen, exceptional managerial experience, and the ability to inspire and guide teams toward achieving organizational excellence are further highlighted.

Moreover, effective communication skills and the ability to foster relationships with diverse stakeholders, including students, teachers, families, and communities, stand as essential attributes. Collaborative work with the KBE, state educational partners, the Kentucky General Assembly, and school district leadership to develop and execute strategic educational goals is a pivotal expectation.

The desired commissioner should exhibit a dedication to promoting equity by enhancing learning opportunities for historically underserved children while fostering each student’s success. The role also demands a visible and approachable leadership style that embodies dignity.

KBE Vice Chair Lu S. Young expressed confidence in the outlined expectations, noting their comprehensive nature in setting a clear guideline for the candidate search.

Steve Joel, representing McPherson and Jacobson, expressed satisfaction with the progress, affirming their readiness to commence the search process. He indicated that the job posting is slated to be live the following week, with an application deadline of Feb. 16.

Furthermore, the KBE approved the formation of a specialized committee tasked with evaluating responses to the commissioner vacancy posting. This committee, headed by Diana Woods, will recommend a roster of finalists to the entire board. The committee comprises Young, JoAnn Adams, Patrice McCreary, Julie Pile, and Randy Poe, dedicated to ensuring a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the candidates.