Empowering the Education of Future Teachers

Students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Sciences experienced a week full of learning, inspiration, and networking during their Seventeenth Academic Week, held by the Sonora Institute of Technology (ITSON) through the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities on March 12, 13, and 14, 2024. In his address, Dr. Jaime […]

Unforeseen Obstacle: Profit Challenges Cast Shadow on Green Transition

The Green Transition, a beacon of hope for climate activists, faces an unexpected challenge as fossil fuel giants reap record profits. The International Energy Agency’s October announcement that global carbon emissions might have peaked was initially optimistic. However, the surge in profits for major oil and gas companies raises questions […]

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Students Make Strides in Academic Progress, Yet Fall Short of Statewide Averages, Recent Data Reveals

North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction has released state testing and graduation data, offering a reason for celebration within the local school district. The recent results have brought forth encouraging progress for many schools, reflecting the hard work of both students and educators. Anita Hooker, the first-year principal at Ashley […]