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Top 5 startups to watch this year

Every year we see some new companies starting their business and doing incredibly well. These companies motivate others to do well as well. Here are some of the best startups to watch this year.

STEMI Hexapod Robot Kit

It is a great DIY robot and it’s a teaching tool. The kit has all the pieces that you need to make your walking, dancing, etc. With the smartphone-controlled integration, anyone can learn various aspects of STEM programming.

Revols Custom Earbuds

It is a custom-fit earbud that you can form in 60 seconds. All you need to do is insert the base in the ears and hit the Start button on the app. After a minute the custom earbud will be made for you. Thes earbuds won’t fall out.

BlazeTorch Night-Vision Goggles

It is a headset designed for night vision. It is useful for night sports like biking, skiing, etc. You need to activate only the built-in IR illuminator. You can see things that are not visible to the naked eye at night.

Magic Instruments Digital Guitar

When you push the button on the neck of the guitar musical notes will be emited. The strings don’t need to be replaced or tuned. The app has a big music library, so you can learn various songs.

BrainCo Mind-Training Technology

With this, you can control things in your mind. The headset is packed with EEG-monitoring technology. It uses neuro-feedback in order to train your brain.  There is a focus-training app that is good for the classroom. Teachers can determine how well the students can retain information.

These startups show how advanced technology has become. It also shows that there is no limit to people’s imagination. They are coming up with products to make our lives even more comfortable. These startups are expected to be very successful.