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7 predictions about e-commerce this year

The e-commerce is moving at forward at a great speed. It is a very prospective area and people are getting involved in this sector. E-commerce is updating with better technology, discovery, logistics, etc. Here are some predictions about e-commerce this year.

Chat bots

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google Allo are coming up with integrated bots. It will help them in shopping and book things. It will also provide good customer service. So, consumers will start to communicate with machines. There are 1100 chatbots available in Facebook.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now useful in our daily lives. Digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana have made it possible for people to talk to machines. These assistants respond in various ways. For example, Alexa will default to product pages and reviews on Amazon.


The mobile traffic is now more than the desktop traffic on the web. Google is trying to find out a mobile-first web index. So, it is important to make the mobile experience good. So, the mobile should be your priority.

Mobile payment and loyalty apps

The smartphone users can now make mobile payments. Starbucks has tried it. The mobile payment system has streamlined the payments system. A loyalty program is also added. The loyalty apps have helped to generate 12% increase in revenue. If you can do it the right way then people will have a relationship with the brand.

The retail report

You will be able to see the right data at the right time with the retail report. E-commerce will continue to show customization this year.Personalization is important. It is important to differentiate between competitors.

More same day delivery

You might see drones delivering products this year. Many people are willing to pay extra for same day delivery. So, we will see more of this in the year 2017.

Social selling

Social selling will be a big part of e-commerce. Ad load will become less effective. It won’t play many roles in driving revenue this year. Facebook should diversify their revenue streams.

We will be seeing these trends in e-commerce this year. So, if you are in the e-commerce business, you should e aware of these trends and match your marketing strategy along this line. You should adopt the above-mentioned strategies in order to stay ahead of the competitors and win more customers. These will be the future of e-commerce, so you should adopt these tools and techniques in order to move forward.