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5 Essentials for Your Next Craft Fair

Thinking about putting together a craft fair fundraiser to raise money for your favorite charity or organization? Nailing down the ins and outs of your event is essential to running a smooth show. Your craft fair can be anything you imagine it to be; you could hold it indoors or outdoors; you could get many vendors or just a few. There are so many variables, but here are some tips on how to organize your perfect craft fair fundraiser!

Find a Great Location

First of all, you need to find a space for your vendors to set up. Your location can be anywhere inside or outside that has level ground and is accessible for guests to navigate through. To protect your vendors’ items, you will need to have a space that is either indoors or outdoors with enough space for them to set up tents to protect their crafts.


High schools are often ideal spaces for events such as craft fairs because they have plenty of outdoor lot space and indoor cafeteria space that they can rent out. Churches also tend to have spaces such as large social rooms and parking lots that you could inquire about renting for your event.

Determine Vendor Fees

Charging your vendors not only pays for the space you have rented but can also serve as another way to raise money for your cause. Organize these fees before you advertise your event to the public so that you can fully disclose them to your vendors as they begin to inquire about your event.


Here are a few forms of fees

  • A set fee per table
  • A set fee per table and sales commission
  • Sales commission only


What you charge is your decision to make. A few things to consider when you make this decision are how much money you are trying to raise, what would be reasonable for the amount of space and time the vendor will get, and the amount you are paying to rent the space you are holding the event.

Advertise Your Event

Advertising is key to an event like this. Start advertising as soon as you have your date, time, and space selected. You want to make sure your event has enough vendors and enough guests. Get involved and use the resources in your community! Make flyers and hang them up at every local spot you can. Spread the word through friends and as you start to get people on board, make use of their connections as well. Use social media as a platform to get the information out there and ask others to share your event on their social media too.

Strive for Diversity

Get as many different types of vendors as you possibly can! This is important to appeal to every kind of person who may stop by your event. You want to diversify your event and provide ample options for your targeted audience. The more diverse the crafts, the more people will be drawn to your event. You don’t want to have a million jewelry vendors because only the people interested in buying jewelry will show up—instead, you want to have jewelry, ornaments, paintings, pottery, and more to allow for a diverse crowd and a successful craft fair.

Rent an ATM

For this type of event, payment options are key. We all know that none of us carry cash anymore, but some art vendors work in only cash to simplify their business. Rent an ATM for your event to make things easier on your vendors and your guests. Carolina ATM provides a mobile ATM service at a cost-efficient rate, allowing your event to run as smoothly as possible and your guests to have a stress-free experience at your craft fair.

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