Carpet Cleaning In Texas Homes


The hot and muggy Texas summers can be simply unbearable sometimes, and make you not want to do absolutely anything around your home. This can cause tons of chores to become backlogged, whether they take place indoors or outdoors, because the heat just overpowers you.

Time and time again, no matter what part of Texas we lived in, filth would somehow manage to find its way into our home. No matter how often we vacuumed, or how stringent we were on taking our shoes off when we came home, there was always a somewhat dull look to our carpeting.

When the weather gets horrible, and your home starts to become dirtier and dirtier as you continue to track in dirt, mud, and other types of grime, it’s important that you get an annual carpet clean to ensure that your entire home stays healthy, vibrant, and fresh.

Because of the constant dirt floating around Texas, it is extremely easy to bring all of that directly into your home, where it is then lodged into your carpet. While many of us may vacuum fairly consistently, that alone isn’t enough to truly clean your carpets when they begin to get soiled and dirty. That’s where it’s vital that you choose a premier carpet cleaning company that uses non-toxic, eco-friendly products. There are dozens of different companies that are able to come out and clean your soiled carpet, but the process that goes behind it is just as important as the company you choose.

Whatever your budget may be, and regardless of the size of your carpet that needs cleaning, doing a thorough research and review of the company you choose is vital. Elite Green Team Chem-Dry, who is based out of Friendswood, was one of our top recommendations from friends and family when we were asking around for referrals for a thorough, in-depth, detailed carpet clean. We had just moved into a new home, and the carpets were in dire need of help. There was staining all over the home, and any time we walked across the carpet, we would kick up tons of dust and dirt into the air, which began making us sneeze and have trouble sleeping. You can see their website here,, and see exactly why we chose them. They were quick to respond and the customer service representative on the other line was very informative and answered all of the questions we had about the toxicity of the product, what different cleaners they use, and how they went about the cleaning process.


We decided to go with an official Chem-Dry franchise because of their use of an all-natural cleaning product. They utilize a water-carbonation process that basically forces air bubbles into the fabric of the carpet, pulling out deeply-ingrained grime. The process was even able to remove extremely troublesome dark red stains.

7 predictions about e-commerce this year

The e-commerce is moving at forward at a great speed. It is a very prospective area and people are getting involved in this sector. E-commerce is updating with better technology, discovery, logistics, etc. Here are some predictions about e-commerce this year.

Chat bots

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google Allo are coming up with integrated bots. It will help them in shopping and book things. It will also provide good customer service. So, consumers will start to communicate with machines. There are 1100 chatbots available in Facebook.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now useful in our daily lives. Digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana have made it possible for people to talk to machines. These assistants respond in various ways. For example, Alexa will default to product pages and reviews on Amazon.


The mobile traffic is now more than the desktop traffic on the web. Google is trying to find out a mobile-first web index. So, it is important to make the mobile experience good. So, the mobile should be your priority.

Mobile payment and loyalty apps

The smartphone users can now make mobile payments. Starbucks has tried it. The mobile payment system has streamlined the payments system. A loyalty program is also added. The loyalty apps have helped to generate 12% increase in revenue. If you can do it the right way then people will have a relationship with the brand.

The retail report

You will be able to see the right data at the right time with the retail report. E-commerce will continue to show customization this year.Personalization is important. It is important to differentiate between competitors.

More same day delivery

You might see drones delivering products this year. Many people are willing to pay extra for same day delivery. So, we will see more of this in the year 2017.

Social selling

Social selling will be a big part of e-commerce. Ad load will become less effective. It won’t play many roles in driving revenue this year. Facebook should diversify their revenue streams.

We will be seeing these trends in e-commerce this year. So, if you are in the e-commerce business, you should e aware of these trends and match your marketing strategy along this line. You should adopt the above-mentioned strategies in order to stay ahead of the competitors and win more customers. These will be the future of e-commerce, so you should adopt these tools and techniques in order to move forward.

Top 5 startups to watch this year

Every year we see some new companies starting their business and doing incredibly well. These companies motivate others to do well as well. Here are some of the best startups to watch this year.

STEMI Hexapod Robot Kit

It is a great DIY robot and it’s a teaching tool. The kit has all the pieces that you need to make your walking, dancing, etc. With the smartphone-controlled integration, anyone can learn various aspects of STEM programming.

Revols Custom Earbuds

It is a custom-fit earbud that you can form in 60 seconds. All you need to do is insert the base in the ears and hit the Start button on the app. After a minute the custom earbud will be made for you. Thes earbuds won’t fall out.

BlazeTorch Night-Vision Goggles

It is a headset designed for night vision. It is useful for night sports like biking, skiing, etc. You need to activate only the built-in IR illuminator. You can see things that are not visible to the naked eye at night.

Magic Instruments Digital Guitar

When you push the button on the neck of the guitar musical notes will be emited. The strings don’t need to be replaced or tuned. The app has a big music library, so you can learn various songs.

BrainCo Mind-Training Technology

With this, you can control things in your mind. The headset is packed with EEG-monitoring technology. It uses neuro-feedback in order to train your brain.  There is a focus-training app that is good for the classroom. Teachers can determine how well the students can retain information.

These startups show how advanced technology has become. It also shows that there is no limit to people’s imagination. They are coming up with products to make our lives even more comfortable. These startups are expected to be very successful.

4 ways to beat your retail competitors

The retail industry has become very competitive. You shouldn’t take the competition to be something negative. You should be inspired by competition as you will be able to do things better. Here are some of the ways you can beat your competitors.

Reduce your expenses

You should look at your profit and loss statement and itemize all the expenses. You should then find out how you can reduce the expenses. If you cut a little here and there then it will soon add up. However, you shouldn’t reduce your advertising expense.

Get creative

Don’t use same marketing methods used by other companies. Try to be creative. You should use unconventional methods of advertising to make yourself different from the customers. It will attract more attention and increase your sales. You should look for a market segment not touched by your competitors.

Provide outstanding customer service

If you can go that extra mile to offer great customer service, then people will shop in your store instead of that of the competitors. They will also tell other people to shop at your store. People like shopping in places where they are comfortable. So, they will visit your shop.

Offer exciting promo

People love a good promo. People want you to excite them by doing something different. They will keep on talking about you if you do so. It is a very innovative way of attracting customers.

Use these tips to beat your competitors. The bottom line is to stand out from the rest and you can do it by being creative, providing promo, providing good customer service and reducing expenses.

3 reasons why business blog is needed for marketing

Blog is a very important tool for the marketing of a business. It is used as by many successful businesses today. Here are the reasons why you should write blogs for your business as well.

1) It helps drive traffic

Blogging will drive traffic to your site. Every time you write a blog post it becomes indexed. So, you have an opportunity to show up on the search engine and so it will drive traffic to your site. It tells Google and other search engines that your site is active. They will check in to view the new content. Social media can find you if you blog regularly. When you write a blog post, there is a chance that it will get shared by people on social media. You can keep your social media active by blogging.

2) It converts traffic into leads

Once traffic comes to your blog, there is a chance that the traffic will convert to leads. Every time you write a post there is an opportunity to generate new leads.

3) It establishes authority

When you create contents consistently that is helpful for the audience, you get established as an authority. It is a very powerful thing and can help to increase your rank in the search engine results pages.

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Blogging can get you long term results. If you write good posts consistently then people will read it and share it on social media. Search engines will start to rank you higher. So, you should start blogging today!