Carpet Cleaning In Texas Homes


The hot and muggy Texas summers can be simply unbearable sometimes, and make you not want to do absolutely anything around your home. This can cause tons of chores to become backlogged, whether they take place indoors or outdoors, because the heat just overpowers you.

Time and time again, no matter what part of Texas we lived in, filth would somehow manage to find its way into our home. No matter how often we vacuumed, or how stringent we were on taking our shoes off when we came home, there was always a somewhat dull look to our carpeting.

When the weather gets horrible, and your home starts to become dirtier and dirtier as you continue to track in dirt, mud, and other types of grime, it’s important that you get an annual carpet clean to ensure that your entire home stays healthy, vibrant, and fresh.

Because of the constant dirt floating around Texas, it is extremely easy to bring all of that directly into your home, where it is then lodged into your carpet. While many of us may vacuum fairly consistently, that alone isn’t enough to truly clean your carpets when they begin to get soiled and dirty. That’s where it’s vital that you choose a premier carpet cleaning company that uses non-toxic, eco-friendly products. There are dozens of different companies that are able to come out and clean your soiled carpet, but the process that goes behind it is just as important as the company you choose.

Whatever your budget may be, and regardless of the size of your carpet that needs cleaning, doing a thorough research and review of the company you choose is vital. Elite Green Team Chem-Dry, who is based out of Friendswood, was one of our top recommendations from friends and family when we were asking around for referrals for a thorough, in-depth, detailed carpet clean. We had just moved into a new home, and the carpets were in dire need of help. There was staining all over the home, and any time we walked across the carpet, we would kick up tons of dust and dirt into the air, which began making us sneeze and have trouble sleeping. You can see their website here,, and see exactly why we chose them. They were quick to respond and the customer service representative on the other line was very informative and answered all of the questions we had about the toxicity of the product, what different cleaners they use, and how they went about the cleaning process.


We decided to go with an official Chem-Dry franchise because of their use of an all-natural cleaning product. They utilize a water-carbonation process that basically forces air bubbles into the fabric of the carpet, pulling out deeply-ingrained grime. The process was even able to remove extremely troublesome dark red stains.