4 Ways to Improve Your Office This Year

Most modern professionals spend upwards of 40 hours a week in an office environment. Working in an office that’s comfortable and conducive to productivity can have an immeasurable impact on your overall well-being and job satisfaction. Here are four simple things you can do (or suggest to your boss) to make your office a more productive, comfortable place for everyone involved.

Invest in Better Office Appliances

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to print out a document or make a copy only to encounter an error with your office equipment every single time. Small frustrations like this can build up and lower workplace satisfaction over time. Even though it will cost you a little money, it’s a good idea to hire an expert when it comes to things like office printer installation and copy machine set-up. The last thing you want to do is ignore the problem or make it worse by trying to fix it without knowing what you’re doing. Office printer installation might seem simple enough, but it can get complicated quickly. Find an expert you can trust and let them handle the technical stuff.

Office printer installation

Let There Be Light!

Lighting has a massive effect on our ability to be productive at work. Studies have shown that office buildings without adequate natural light tend to have lower productivity and employee satisfaction. Natural light helps regulate your sleep cycle, improves your mood, and reduces chronic fatigue. Consider keeping your office blinds open to let in more natural light or invest in some lamps to compensate for a lack of natural light. If you or your employees are concerned about being exposed to UV rays while sitting near a window, you can have window tint applied to your office windows that will block the majority of UV rays while still letting in natural light.

Invest in Office Décor

No one wants to come into work every day to a drab, lifeless office. Investing a little time, money, and effort into making your office more welcoming and pleasant to be in will go a long way. Consider buying some comfortable chairs or a couch for the break area or hanging up some art on the walls. Adding some potted plants around the office is a great way to brighten up the space on a budget. Go for low maintenance plants like spider plants, succulents, pothos plants, and philodendrons. All these plants need is a little sunlight and water, and they’ll thrive in nearly any environment. As an added bonus, plants will actually improve the air that you and your coworkers are breathing every day.

Don’t Shy Away from Honest Feedback

It can be hard to hear negative feedback from your employees, but sometimes getting their opinions on what could improve the office is the best way to move forward. Send out a simple survey asking how you could make the office environment better for everyone. Ask specific questions like what temperature they’d like the office to be kept at and more general queries that allow your employees to air any grievances they may have. People are more likely to be honest if they don’t fear retribution, so giving them the option to remain anonymous is a good idea.